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Best Luxury Shisha Party Hire London Packages

At Eastern Ray, we have a very exciting shisha party hire London menu. Choose from our traditional, fruit, champagne, electronic and cocktail shisha pipes. Having served over 250 and counting luxury shisha party hire packages in London alone, we are optimally positioned to understand the requirements of your unique event and produce cutting-edge shisha hire solutions. With a demand for additional services, we are delighted to introduce our additional party services alongside our shisha hire. Now you can have revolutionary bubble tea, exquisite henna artists, graceful belly dancers, traditional tea and other party services.


What you will get with your Shisha Party Hire London Package


1. Hygienic mouth tips;

2. Natural coconut and lemon tree coals;

3. Clean shisha pipes;

4. Premium flavoured tobacco mixes;

5. Professional and experienced shisha assistants

6. Prompt and reliable shisha delivery and collection;

7. Excellent customer support.


6 Reasons why Our Clients Choose our Shisha Party Hire London Service


1. We have served shisha pipes at over 250 high-end events and as such have a wealth of  experience behind us;

2. Professional and reliable;

3. Luxury Shisha Menu;

4. High hygiene standards;

5. Top quality tobacco, coal and equipment;

6. Excellent Client Support.


Professional and Experienced Shisha Assistants


Running shisha pipes at an event certainly entails more than initially meets the eye. What do you do if the shisha is not drawing enough smoke? Is it a suction problem? Is the tobacco bowl over-packed? Are there enough coals? Perhaps there is too much water in the vase? These are only some of the questions that you may find yourself asking. Luckily, our shisha assistants are very well versed in problems associated with running shish pipes and as such, can take steps to pre-empt them. This way, you will not have to worry about a thing and will be able to entertain your guests.


7 Things that our shisha assistants are likely to do at your event


1. Set up and manage shisha pipes during your event;

2. Heat up and manage coals;

3. Replace tobacco bowls and prepare flavoured tobacco mixes;

4. Help your guests with any issues or questions that they may have;

5. Ensure that the shisha pipes are fully functional for the duration of your event;

6. Deliver and collect shisha pipes to and from your venue;

7. Play an active role in enforcing our health and safety standards.


Overview of Our Shisha Party Hire London Menu


Traditional shisha pipes: ideal for almost all type of events. If you are looking for an authentic Middle Eastern shisha experience, this is a perfect choice for you. Our traditional shisha pipes are made from three types of metal and are inscribed with beautiful Middle Eastern details. Traditional shisha pipes come with a hand-painted glass vase and colourful hoses made from soft fabric. Traditional shisha pipes come with clay bowls packed with authentic shisha tobacco flavours.


Fruit Shisha Pipes: Fruit shisha pipes come with a hand-carved fruit bowl (melon, grapefruit, pineapple etc.) that is packed with flavoured shisha tobacco. Our fruit shisha pipes help to add an exotic twist to any event and never fail to impress the guests. On a more practical level, the fruit juices inside the bowl combine with the flavoured shisha tobacco, which results in a juicier and richer flavoured smoke. The fruit juices actually unlock the flavours inside the shisha tobacco which makes fruit shisha pipes very popular with clients who are looking for a superior shisha experience.


Champagne Shisha: Champagne Shisha is perfect for clients who are looking to really take things to another level and add a layer of ultimate luxury to their event. Everybody has tried traditional shisha at some point, but it is unlikely that you will find many guests who have tried champagne shisha. Here is your chance to impress them and leave an impression. Our shisha assistants will add some champagne inside the vase and combine it with premium tobacco flavours from leading shisha brands. The result is a very refined shisha experience with a pleasant and fizzy champagne aftertaste.


Electronic Shisha: Electronic shisha is perfect for all types of enclosed events. Electronic shisha pipes do not use coal or tobacco, which significantly reduced the health and safety risks that are otherwise associated with the aforesaid shisha pipes. Electronic shisha pipes utilise an electronic shisha head that heats up flavoured e-liquid to produce vapour. Vaping is becoming increasingly popular across the world and here is your chance to introduce your guests to the future of shisha.


Rose Shisha Pipes: Our rose shisha pipes are perfect for weddings or other intimate events. Instead of using a standard tobacco clay bowl, our shisha assistants will make a tobacco bowl out of a real rose flower. The entire shisha pipe will be decorated with rose elements such as petals. Rose shisha is a real head turner and is perfect for adding a romantic and sophisticated note to your wedding.

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