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Luxury Shisha Hire West London Packages for Events, Weddings, Corporate Functions & Birthday Parties

Are you planning an event? Are you looking to have a shisha area at your party? Look no further. At Eastern Ray, we continually provide an exciting array of Luxury Shisha Hire West London Packages for events of all shapes and sizes. So far, we have provided shisha hire service to over 250 and counting high-end clients in West London and further afield. As part of you Luxury Shisha Hire West London Package, you will receive shisha pipes, premium tobacco mixes and professional and highly-skilled shisha servers who will manage the shisha pipes at your event.


Excellent Customer Service- we realise that you may be entirely new to shisha. We will work with you at every step of the way to identify your unique party requirements and put together creative and exciting shisha hire West London packages. You can always contact us with any questions or issues that you may have in relation to shisha, and we will be happy to assist you.


Experience and Reliability- we have served shisha at some of the most prestigious events in the country including Royal Family events. This experience allows us to understand the nature of your event and create tailor made shisha hire packages especially for you. Our team of event planning experts will work around the clock to deliver solutions that will work.


Experienced and Skilled Shisha Assistants- as part of our Luxury Shisha Hire West London Event Packages, we will provide you with shisha assistants to set up and manage the shisha pipes during your event. There is a common misconception that shisha pipes can be easily managed without a shisha assistant. The question arises what do you do if the shisha is not smoking? Is it an air suction problem? Is the tobacco bowl overpacked? Is the water level in the vase too high? Or perhaps the hose is disconnected from the stem? Do not take the risk on your event. Our shisha assistants have attended countless number of events and as such, are placed in an optimal position to understand even the most intricate shisha nuances which allows them to pre-empt any potential problems. Our shisha assistants are very friendly and will gladly provide your guests with help and guidance as well as serve as the first port of contact for their questions. More importantly, our shisha assistants play a central role in enforcing our stringent health and safety standards to make sure that your event is safe!


Luxurious Luxury Shisha Hire West London Event Packages- during our existence, we have established a reputation for providing a quality shisha hire service in West London and neighbouring areas. Our team is never short of creative and cutting-edge ideas that we constantly apply to bring you some of the most luxurious shisha hire packages for your event. We only procure the best shisha pipes, coals, equipment and premium tobacco from our trusted and vetted suppliers. This translates into a quality shisha experience for our clients and their guests.


Choose your Perfect Shisha Hire West London Event Package


Below is a brief overview of our shisha hire menu for events in West London and other regions.


Traditional Shisha- is by far the most popular choice with most of our clients who are looking for an authentic Middle Eastern experience. Our traditional shisha pipes are made by artisan shisha manufacturers in the Middle East using the highest quality materials. All of our shisha pipes are beautifully engraved with ornate patterns whilst the glass vase is hand-painted with Arabesque motifs. A traditional shisha comes with a pre-packed tobacco clay bowl that is heated up using natural coconut and lemon tree coals.


Fruit Shisha- is a perfect pick if you are looking to depart from the tradition a little and add an exotic and fruity twist to your event. Our fruit shisha pipes are made using fruit tobacco bowls. Our shisha assistants will carve out a bowl from real fruit such as a melon, pineapple or a grapefruit and then pack it with premium tobacco mixes. Not only is fruit shisha a real head turner and a focal point of almost any event, it also tastes much better. The juices inside the fruit marinate the tobacco and help to unlock the flavours, which results in a more flavoursome and juicier smoke.


Champagne Shisha- if you are looking to add an element of luxury and sophistication to your event, our champagne shisha should be your first pick. We add champagne into the vase to add a champagne taste to the shisha. Notes of champagne and fizz combine with the shisha flavours to produce a truly amazing shisha experience and you would have to try it to understand it!


Electronic Shisha- if you are looking to embrace the developments of the 21st century, our electronic shisha is certainly down your alley. If you are holding your event in enclosed premises, electronic shisha may be a safer option. Unlike other shisha types, electronic shisha does not use coals or tobacco. Instead, it uses an integrated shisha head that is powered by electricity and e-liquid. The batteries heat up the coil, which in turn vapourises the e-liquid to produce flavoured vapour clouds. Electronic shisha is great for vapers and non-vapers alike. According to the Public Health England, electronic shisha or vaping is 95% less harmful than tobacco. We use a range of premium USA flavours from the leading vape brands to bring you an indulgent and smooth e-shisha experience.



What you will receive with your Shisha Hire West London Package


- Shisha Pipes;

- Shisha Delivery to your venue;

- Hygienic mouth tips;

- Premium flavoured tobacco mixes form leading shisha brands;

- Excellent client support;

- Help and guidance from us and our shisha assistants;

- An incredible shisha service at your event;

- Natural coconut and lemon tree coals.