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Luxury Shisha Hire Sevenoaks Package - Birthdays, House Parties, Corporate Events & Weddings

Welcome to our shisha hire Sevenoaks service page! If you are planning a party or event in Sevenoaks, Kent, We can definitely help. During our existence, we have catered for many birthday parties, weddings, corporate events and house parties in Sevenoaks, Kent. Our clients from Sevenoaks, Maidenheads and other towns in Kent choose us regularly to provide shisha hire Sevenoaks packages for their events because we have built up a reputation for reliability, excellence and outstanding client service.


Managing shisha pipes during your event can be very hard work and you must be well versed and skilled with the shisha-related nuances. To save you the trouble of having to think about such laborious and demanding aspects, we provide professional and highly-experienced shisha assistants. Our shisha assistants have strong backgrounds in shisha and event management. Prior to joining Eastern Ray, our shisha assistants have worked for prestigious shisha lounges and cafes in places such as West London, Dubai and New York. Our shisha assistants will install and manage the shisha pipes for the duration of your event so that you will not have to worry about a thing. At Eastern Ray, we take health and safety very seriously and our shisha assistants play an important role in making sure that there is full compliance with health and safety standard during your event. When setting up the shisha pipes, our shisha assistants will make an on the spot assessment of your venue and advise you how to best set up the shisha pipes. For example, many of our clients like to have shisha pipes set up on table, which is not always possible as from the health and safety point of view, the shisha pipes can tip off and fall from tables. Our shisha assistants will act as a first point of contact for your guests should they have any shisha-related questions.


At Eastern Ray, we use coconut and lemon tree coals as opposed to the quick-light coals that you may be accustomed to seeing. Quick-light coals are great if for small get-togethers. However, quick-light coals are also responsible for shisha-related headaches and a harsh shisha experience. This is mostly due to the gunpowder and chemicals used inside the quick-light coals. Gunpowder is responsible for making these coals burn faster. However, if the quick-light coals are not burnt properly until you see white ash on the entire coals then you will practically be smoking gunpowder smoke. Our coconut coals are imported directly from Indonesia and do not contain any chemicals. This helps to ensure that your shisha experience will be smooth and enjoyable. All the while, coconut coals are a real nightmare to get started, which is why they are not used so often. However, we do not cut corners when it comes to quality and always go the extra mile for our clients ordering our shisha hire Sevenoaks service.

With your shisha hire Sevenoaks package you will get flavoured tobacco or e-liquid mixes, hygienic mouth tips and all the equipment needed to operate a shisha pipe. However, our shisha assistants will do all the work behind the scenes, leaving your guests to enjoy their shisha. At Eastern Ray, we have a very exciting and luxurious shisha menu, which will satisfy even the most discriminating shisha connoisseurs. Here is a quick overview of our shisha hire Sevenoaks shisha packages.


Traditional shisha pipes: are made in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries by shisha artisans with many years of experience. The shisha stem is handmade and engraved with beautiful Egyptian symbols and Arabic writing, which will help to add a Middle Eastern mood to your event. The glass shisha vases are beautifully painted with ornate Arabesque motifs whilst the shisha hose is made using high-quality soft fabrics, which are pleasant to hold. Traditional shisha pipes are accompanied by a clay bowl packed with flavoured shisha tobacco and powered by natural coconut coals. Traditional shisha pipes are very popular with many events such as birthdays and weddings in Sevenoaks, Kent and are especially suited to outdoor use such as gardens, terraces and open-air events.


Fruit Shisha: Fruit shisha uses a freshly carved fruit bowl instead of a traditional clay bowl. Fruit shisha will help to add aesthetic value to your event and prove to be an artefact of attraction to your guests. More practically, a fruit shisha bowl helps to enhance the quality of smoke because fruit juices inside the fruit bowl marinate shisha tobacco. This helps to bring out the flavour and smoothen the taste of shisha. Fruit shisha also contains more tobacco and is heated using more coals, which makes for a greater flavour production. Equally, fruit shisha does not heat up as much as a clay bowl, which means that the tobacco does not product an unpleasant burning taste following some use.


Rose shisha: is made using a real rose instead of a clay tobacco bowl. Our shisha assistants will pack a rose head with flavoured tobacco mixes and power it using coals. Rose shisha is especially suited to weddings, engagement parties and other intimate occasions because it helps to create a romantic and intimate mood.


VIP shisha: this is as exclusive as shisha gets. Our VIP shisha pipes are made by us for the most exclusive events. These should not be an immediate choice for everyone as there are other shisha types that will do the job as well. Our VIP shisha pipes are made from 24 carat gold and are masterfully encrusted with real diamonds. The shisha pipes are then beautifully laced with real snake and lizard skins and are gracefully finished off with ostrich feathers. The handle of the hose is perfected with real fur. All fur and skins have been ethically procured in compliance with the CITES guidelines. VIP shisha pipes help to add an ultimate element of luxury and exclusivity to high-calibre events. In the past, we have provided VIP shisha pipe hire to a Middle Eastern Royal Family, the UK Royal Family, Football players and other affluent clients.


Champagne infused shisha: is great for most kind of events such as birthdays, weddings and corporate events. A champagne infusion in the vase helps to add a new layer to the shisha flavour which is packed with notes of your favourite champagne and fizz. When champagne combines with the shisha flavour, a new and more sophisticated flavour is created, which takes the shisha experience to a whole new level. We strongly recommend our champagne shisha pipes as they can truly improve the shisha experience for your guests and add an element of exclusivity to your event.


Electronic Shisha Pipes: do not worry, we will not give you one of those e-shisha sticks. Electronic shisha pipes have the appearance of a traditional shisha pipe with the only exception of the bowl. Instead of using a traditional clay bowl, we use an e-shisha head which produces flavoured vapour. In fact, electronic shisha has all the characteristics of an electronic cigarette and works in the same way. The battery inside the shisha bowl heats up the coils inside the cartridges and these in turn vapourise the e-liquid soaked in cotton. This in turn generates flavoured vapour. Electronic shisha pipes are ideal for use in enclosed premises because they do not utilise coals and do not produce any smoke. This means that electronic shisha pipes do not fall within the anti-smoking laws because they do not produce smoke and do not contain “a lit substance” for the purposes of the anti-smoking laws. Electronic shisha pipes come with premium e-liquid flavours from many famous brands such as Square 47, My Juicy Affair, Jimmy the Juice Man, E-LUXE LONDON, Ruthless, Kilo and Cosmic Fog. Our e-liquid comes in different nicotine strengths and zero nicotine.


Choosing the shisha flavours can indeed be a difficult task when one is faced with a plethora of flavours. When choosing your shisha flavours, be sure to choose some popular flavours because this is generally a safer option when it comes to the flavour preferences of your guests. Your guests may have tried shisha before either abroad in Dubai or at a shisha café. This means that they will be able to better relate to the shisha flavours they have had in the past. Other guests may be more adventurous and prefer to venture out onto more complex flavour palettes. It therefore makes sense to balance out your flavours so that you have the more popular flavours and more niche/specific flavours.


We hope that our overview of the luxury shisha hire Sevenoaks package has been informative and helpful. We welcome you to get in touch with us to discuss your shisha package. When you have confirmed your shisha package, we will work with you to complete the necessary health and safety assessments, and if needed, liaise with the representatives from the venue to ensure that your shisha package is structured in the best possible way. We look forward to working with you!