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Luxury Shisha Hire North London Packages for your Wedding, Birthday Party, Corporate Event or House Party

Welcome to our North London Shisha Hire service page! Whether you are organising a birthday party, corporate event, wedding or a house party, we can help. As a company, we have grown from strength to strength since our inception and have built up a roster of prestigious clients from North London and elsewhere. We regularly provide shisha pipe hire and assistance packages in North London for events of all shapes and sizes including weddings, 18th and 21st birthday parties, corporate events and house parties.


Operating shisha is more complicated than first meets the eye. Imagine having to burn the coals for the duration of the entire event and run like a headless chicken to constantly replace the shisha bowls. To save you the trouble, we provide highly skilled, experienced and courteous shisha assistants to set up and manage the shisha pipes for the duration of your event. Our shisha assistants have worked for many prestigious shisha lounges and shisha cafes around the world and are very well versed with the intricacies of running shisha pipes. Undoubtedly, your guests will have many shisha related questions. They may want some guidance on how to use a shisha pipe or would like to have a chat about shisha-related subjects such as their shisha experiences whilst on holiday. Our shisha assistants make perfect conversationalists and they will act as a central port of contact for your guests thus freeing up your time to socialise with your guests and enjoy your event. All our shisha assistants use initiative to add value to your event by constantly inspecting the shisha pipes and liaising with your guests to ensure that they have a great and enjoyable shisha experience. At Eastern Ray, we put a very strong emphasis on health and safety and to this end, our shisha assistants play a very important standard to ensuring full adherence to health and safety standards by your guests.


We pride ourselves with the quality of our shisha hire event packages in North London. Most of us have ventured a shisha café or a shisha lounge in the past. Some of us have had a headache from smoking shisha or experienced a harsh shisha taste, which has tainted our perception of shisha. In fact, a lot of shisha cafes and lounges use counterfeit tobacco and quick-light coals, which is a very likely reason for the disappointing shisha experiences. Quick-light coals contain gunpowder and are preferred coals for many shisha companies because they are extremely easy to get started. However, the problem occurs when quick-light coals are not burnt properly and this can mean that you are smoking a gunpowder flavoured shisha that can often cause a headache or an unpleasant and harsh taste. For our North London shisha hire packages, we only use natural coconut and lemon tree coal. This type of coal does not contain any chemicals inside it and is also a pain to get started, which is why a lot of shisha hire companies prefer to use the lower quality quick-light coals.


Following every event, we thoroughly wash, disinfect and polish our shisha pipes to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and safety to our shisha users. A lot of cafes and shisha hire companies do not wash their shisha pipes, which can result in a revolting and an unsafe shisha experience. At Eastern Ray, safety and hygiene are our core principles that makes Eastern Ray a preferred shisha hire company for our affluent client base.


You may wonder, what shisha flavours should I go for? Taste is inherently very subjective and there is no gold standard to selecting the “best flavours”. We recommend that when selecting your flavours, you include popular flavours such as apple, grape, peach and strawberry to ensure that the shisha experience appeals to as many of your guests as possible. Undoubtedly, your guests will come to the shisha area with many interesting holiday stories and shisha experiences in exotic countries such as Egypt or UAE. By having traditional flavours available at your event, your guests will be able to better relate to the shisha experience through positive association with their holidays abroad. Equally, shisha connoisseurs are always to be spotted at events and it is always a good practice to include some niche or more specific flavours such as blueberry muffin, peanut butter or strawberry jam to add an element of prestige and exclusivity to your event. We have an enviable range of over two hundred shisha tobacco flavours from famous brands such as Al Fakher, Argelini, Starbuzz and Tangiers. Al Fakher is one of the more popular brands from the Middle East that is renowned for its traditional flavours that most people enjoy in Egypt and Dubai. On the contrary, Starbuzz is an excellent American brand that has a fascinating variety of very specific and exciting flavours such as Blue Mist, Pink Lemonade, Sex on the Beach. If most of your guests are non-smokers or do not like nicotine, we also have many popular shisha flavours in zero nicotine content. Nicotine free shisha flavours are made using sugar cane instead of tobacco leaves.


It may come to your surprise that there are many categories of shisha pipes. Our luxury party shisha hire menu for North London boasts just under ten different shisha pipes that you may consider having at your event. We will give you a quick run through our shisha menu to give you a better idea of what you may like to have at your event.


Traditional Egyptian shisha pipes: are the most popular shisha pipes that you may be accustomed to seeing at shisha lounges and shisha bars dotted across London. Our Egyptian shisha pipes are higher-end shisha pipes that are handmade in Egypt using three different metal types and quality glass. The metal stem of the shisha pipe is skilfully engraved with Egyptian symbols and Arabic writing that help to give an event an authentic Middle Eastern feel. The hose is artistically embroidered with fascinating Arabesque patterns and is made using highest quality fabrics for a soft and pleasant feel. Egyptian shisha pipes work with a clay bowl that is filled with a shisha tobacco mix and heated with natural coals. Egyptian shisha pipes are ideal for open air, garden or semi-enclosed venues because they utilise burning coals.


Fruit shisha: works in the same way as an Egyptian shisha pipe. However, instead of a clay bowl, we use a freshly carved fruit bowl made from pineapple or a melon. The juices inside the fruit bowl help to marinate and soak the tobacco mixes which in turn ensure a juicier and smoother shisha experience. Fruit shisha pipes help to add a “wow” element to an event and always draw people in to try the shisha experience.


Rose shisha: is made using a real rose flower which is filled with a flavoured tobacco mix. Rose shisha pipes are very popular at weddings in North London as they help to create an intimate and sumptuous atmosphere. A rose shisha is a great way of expressing your feelings to the close people around you.


Champagne infused shisha: uses a champagne infusion in the vase which combines with the shisha flavours to add a sophisticated champagne layer to the taste of the shisha. Champagne shisha pipes are especially popular at weddings and birthday parties in North London.


Electronic shisha pipes: are great for use in enclosed premises because they pose a reduced health and safety risk. An electronic shisha pipe does not use tobacco or burning coals, which makes it safer compared to its traditional counterpart. An electronic shisha pipe works in a very similar way to an electronic cigarette. An electronic shisha pipe produces flavoured vapour that is often mistaken for smoke. It is legal to use electronic shisha pipes or vape in public places that are otherwise protected by the smoking ban. If you are planning your birthday, wedding or corporate event in enclosed premises, it is often advisable to get permission to use electronic shisha pipes from the venue as different venues have different policies when it comes to vaping and electronic shisha pipes. Our electronic shisha pipes are accompanied with premium e-liquid, which is a tobacco equivalent that produces flavoured vapour. We have many popular premium e-liquid brands from the United States and the UK, including My Juicy Affair, Square 47, E-Luxe London, The Milkman, Jimmy the Juiceman, Beard Vapes, Ruthless, Kilo, The Breakfast Club, Alice in the Vapeland and many more. All our e-liquid comes in a high level of VG, which is responsible for large vape clouds. Hiring an electronic shisha pipe is a great way of adding a modern twist to your event. You may have come across nebulous mantra such as cloudporn, cloud chasers, vape porn and vape life, which in part summarises the growth of vaping in the current decade. Our e-liquids come in varying nicotine strengths and zero nicotine content. Our shisha assistants will ensure that your electronic shisha pipe is functioning properly at your event and will refill the e-liquid inside the e-shisha cartridges to ensure that your guests never experience the displeasure of a dry hit- the every vaper’s nightmare!


We hope that the above has provided you with some guidance on choosing your shisha hire North London package. To make a booking or discuss your quote and requirements, please contact us with the full postal address of your venue, duration of the shisha service during your event, number and type of shisha pipes that you require and the date of your event. We will then revert to you with a provisional quote and work with you to plan the shisha aspect of your event. Generally, a shisha pipe can be smoked by up to five people at any given type. However, you should also take into consideration that guests will be constantly moving around. It is therefore advisable to have 5 shisha pipes per hundred guests. This number is not set in stone and will mainly depend on the smoking or vaping habits of your guests. Please also note that one shisha assistant will only be able to look after five shisha pipes. So if you are going for more than five shisha pipes, you will require additional shisha assistants. We look forward to hearing and working with you!