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Luxury Shisha Hire Maidstone service for Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthdays and House Parties

Welcome to our shisha hire Maidstone service page! If you are planning a birthday party, wedding, corporate event or a house party in Maidstone, we can help. At Eastern Ray, we regularly provide exciting shisha hire packages to events of all shapes and sizes in Maidstone. At Eastern Ray, we boast a prestigious client base comprising celebrities, prominent corporations (FTSE 100 companies), Middle Eastern Royal Families and private individuals from across the world. Our core focus is on quality, reliability and creativity. These qualities help us to make each event different and unique and a major reason why many of our existing clients choose to employ our services time and time again.


As part of our shisha hire Maidstone service, we offer a truly luxurious and exciting shisha menu with professional shisha assistance. Our shisha assistants come from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds, which makes our team especially unique and diverse. This diversity allows us to present our clients with creative and one-of-a-kind shisha hire packages. Our shisha assistants have previously worked for leading shisha lounges and events sector, which makes them experts at what they do. Having a shisha assistant at your party or event is crucial to ensuring that your event runs smoothly and safely. Running a shisha yourself can be a problematic and time-consuming process. Our professional and reliable shisha assistants, will set up and manage the shisha pipes for the duration of your event thus leaving you time to socialise with the guests.


At Eastern Ray, we take health and safety extremely seriously and our shisha assistants play an instrumental role in enforcing our stringent health and safety standards. Many shisha lounges and shisha hire places are churning out shisha hire and delivery orders in their hundreds every week. This allows them to pass on cheaper prices to consumers and leaves them less time to ensure safe hygiene standards. We have come across many shisha lounges and shisha delivery companies that do not wash their shisha pipes after every use, which is simply put, disgusting and unsafe. At Eastern Ray, we focus on larger events and thoroughly clean, disinfect and polish our shisha pipes to ensure that they are safe to use and have a representable and polished outward appearance.


Our shisha hire Maidstone service, we use natural coconut coals and not the quick-light coals that you are accustomed to seeing at shisha lounges and shisha hire companies. The reason why many companies use quick-light coals is because they can be started in several minutes and thus save time for the shisha companies. The drawback of quick-light coals is that they can cause a headache and result in a harsh shisha experience. The reason behind this is that quick-light coals have gunpowder in them, which is responsible for burning the coal very quickly. In a lot of cases, quick-light coal is not burned properly, which means that many people consume shisha flavours with gunpowder smoke. At Eastern Ray, we only use natural coconut coals which are free of any chemicals and also take a long time to get started thus forming one of the reasons why many shisha lounges and shisha delivery companies do not like to use them.


As part of your shisha hire Maidstone service, you can choose from hundreds of shisha tobacco flavours and combinations. We have many popular shisha tobacco brands such as Al Fakher, Starbuzz, Argelini and Tangiers. Choosing your tobacco combinations can no doubt be a daunting task. We advise all our customers to make their choices on flavours by incorporating the preferences of their guests. Many of our clients form their tobacco flavour choices on the basis of their own palette. Taste is inherently subjective and we recommend that you choose your tobacco flavours from the more popular categories such as apple, mint, grape, peach, strawberry and melon. This helps to ensure that the flavours are more likely to appeal to a greater segment of your guests and make shisha more accessible to every guests. Guests normally find it easier to relate to more traditional flavours as they may have had shisha whilst on holiday in Egypt or Cyprus. Equally, there are always some guests who are real shisha connoisseurs and would like to try funky flavours such as plum or blueberry muffin for example.  We recommend that you go for a ratio of 70:30 popular to niche flavours. Popular shisha flavours are also available in zero nicotine. Our zero nicotine shisha flavours use sugar cane instead of tobacco leaves.  


We boast one of the most diverse and luxurious shisha menus in London. As part of your shisha hire Maidstone package, you can choose from many categories of shisha pipes. Here is a quick overview of the types of shisha pipes we have available for our shisha hire Maidstone service.


Traditional Shisha Pipes: is probably shisha as you or most people know it. At Eastern Ray, we do not use the cheaper shisha pipes that you are accustomed to seeing on Edgware road. All our shisha pipes are imported directly from Egypt and the Middle East. Traditional shisha pipes are handcrafted by shisha makers with many years of experience in smoking shisha and solid background in the Middle Eastern shisha culture. The stem of our traditional shisha pipes is made using three types of metals, the vase is handpainted with beautiful and engaging Egyptian symbols and Arabic inscriptions and the hose is skilfully embroidered with mesmerising patterns and finished off with pleasant and soft fabrics. Traditional shisha pipes are powered using clay bowls filled with tobacco and coals. Coconut coal is applied on the tobacco packed clay bowl and when a guests inhales through the hose, shisha smoke passes through the water in the vase before entering the hose. Many of our clients in Maidstone like to add various cocktails to the vase to enhance the flavour of the shisha. Popular cocktails include freshly squeezed juices, fizzy drinks, milk and alcoholic beverages. These cocktails help to add a juicier and more fragrant flavour which results in a more fragrant shisha experience. We recommend traditional shisha pipes for events that take place in the open air or in semi-enclosed premises.


Fruit Shisha: works in exactly the same way as traditional shisha pipes with only one exception. Instead of having the traditional clay bowl on top of the shisha, we use a freshly carved fruit bowl filled with tobacco. Popular fruit bowls include pineapple and melon. The juices inside the fruit bowl marinate the shisha tobacco mix which helps to produce juicier and smoother shisha flavours notes that enhance the quality of the overall shisha experience. Fruit bowls also add a real “wow” factor to an event because they look aesthetically pleasing and help to attract guests to try the shisha pipes at your event.

Champagne shisha: comes with a champagne infusion in the vase, which helps to add a sophisticated layer to the shisha experience. The champagne inside the vase combines with the shisha flavours to add a second layer of champagne flavour, which interplays with shisha flavours to produce a truly indulgent and luxurious shisha experience. Champagne shisha is especially popular at weddings, birthday parties and corporate events in Maidstone.


Rose Shisha: never fails to amaze and bewilder our clients. Our shisha assistants carve a fruit bowl out of a real rose. The rose shisha bowl is then packed with premium tobacco mixes and powered by coal. Rose shisha is especially popular at weddings and special events of an intimate nature. A rose shisha will definitely make an impression on your guests and is a good way of setting an intimate and romantic atmosphere with a real layer of luxury and sumptuousness.


Electronic Shisha: uses an integrated electronic shisha bowl that works using the same principle as an electronic cigarette. Electronic shisha pipes use e-liquid instead of traditional tobacco flavours. E-liquid is made using vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavourings and nicotine. VG is responsible for the vapour production, PG is a flavour carrier, flavourings give the electronic shisha its taste and nicotine is responsible for the throat kick and nicotine buzz. We use a range of high-VG premium e-liquid flavours from the United States and the UK from famous brands such as My Juicy Affair, E-Luxe London, Square 47, Ruthless, Kilo, The Milkman, The Breakfast Club, Cosmic Fog, Uncle Junks, Alice in the Vapeland, 13th Floor Elevapors and others. E-liquid comes in varying nicotine strengths and is available in zero nicotine if you would not like to have any nicotine in your shisha. Electronic shisha pipes are ideal for parties and events taking place in enclosed premises because they do not produce any smoke, only flavoured vapour. Furthermore, according to the English law, vaping does not fall under the anti-smoking laws and can therefore be done in enclosed and public places. The English anti-smoking statute provides that smoking involves “a lit substance”. In the present case, electronic shisha pipe is never lit and does not in the strictest sense constitute smoking. An electronic shisha pipe does not use any coals, which makes it a safer alternative to a traditional shisha pipe.


We hope that the above synopsis on our shisha hire Maidstone service has given you an idea of the type of shisha pipes you would like to have at your event. To make a booking, please contact us with the full postal address of your venue, date of event, duration of the shisha rental service and the type of shisha you would like to have. We will then revert to you with a quote and work with you to complete our health and safety forms and plan the shisha element of your event against the backdrop of the theme and nature of your occasion. If, for any reason, you feel that you still need more guidance on choosing the right shisha package, we welcome you to get in touch with us.