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Welcome to our shisha hire London service page! If you are planning an event or a party in London and are looking to have some shisha pipes, we can help you. During our existence, we have built up our reputation for excellence, reliability, quality and professionalism. This is the reason why many clients choose and retain our services time and time again. Over the years, we have provided shisha hire services in London for 18th and 21st birthday parties, prestigious corporate events, high-profile weddings, celerity parties, Royal Family parties and more. At the forefront of our philosophy is the overarching belief that every event should be memorable and highly enjoyable. This is the reason why we never work from a template. We work hard with our clients to understand their requirements and then put our imagination, creativity and experience to work to come up with mind-blowing shisha combination. During a very exclusive and not to mention expensive private party, we were asked to provide the best shisha ever. With this nebulous instruction in mind, we were not sure whether there is such a thing as best since most people prefer different things. We did produce something that completely blew our client off their feet. We have produced the whole shisha pipe from ice and froze a jewellery gift into the shisha pipe. When the shisha pipe began to melt, our client’s partner noticed the jewellery piece and was extremely impressed. This hopefully gives you an idea about us and what you can expect from us. Moving on to the more practical considerations, every shisha package is accompanied by professional shisha assistants who will look after and operate the shisha pipes throughout your event. Our shisha assistants will also provide help and guidance to your guests as well as ensure full compliance with our health and safety rules. We presently provide shisha pipe hire packages for events in Greenwich, Wandsworth, Southwark, Islington, Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, Hounslow, Hammersmith and Fulham, Richmond upon Thames, Hounslow, Harrow, Hackney.


What you should expect from our Shisha Hire London Package


Quality and top-of-the-range shisha pipes with all the necessary accessories;

Premium flavoured tobacco mixes;


Excellent customer service – we will work with you from initial contact to the day of your event to ensure that all of your requirements are met. Planning the shisha aspect of your event can be challenging. We will use our experience in event planning to integrate the shisha element into the bigger picture of your event;


Experienced and profession shisha assistants- we will provide you with experienced shisha assistants to set up, run and manage shisha pipes during your event. You may think that running shisha is straightforward. There are, however, many considerations that you have to address in order to run your shisha pipes successfully. For example, what do you do if the shisha pipe is not drawing enough smoke? Is there too much water in the vase? Or perhaps the hose is connected to the shisha stem properly? Or maybe you are using not enough coals to heat up the tobacco? These are just some of the questions that our shisha assistants deal with on a daily basis. However, given the experience of our shisha assistants, they are in a prime position to pre-empt many problems and ensure that you have an enjoyable and uninterrupted shisha hire London service. Our shisha assistants will also act as a central port of contact for your guests and any related shisha-specific questions;


Reliable and Punctual Shisha Hire London Service- Have you come across a shisha hire company that does not turn up on the day of your event? Although there are few and apart of such companies, but it does happen. At Eastern Ray, we realise that shisha hire is an important and integral aspect of your event and as such, we will ensure that our shisha assistants arrive to your venue ahead of the starting time to give them plenty of time to set up and ensure that your timetable runs smoothly.


Indulge your Guests in Our Luxury Shisha Hire London Menu


Our luxurious shisha hire menu never fails to impress and has already proved to be extremely popular without our discriminating clientele that is looking for the very best. Below we provide an insight into each shisha pipe category in order to allow you to make an informed decision on what shisha pipe would be most suited to your event.


Traditional Shisha Pipes: these shisha pipes are made from three different metal types that are masterfully moulded together. The shisha pipes carry very traditional Arabic hand inscriptions, which add a Middle Eastern Twist to an Event. The fabulous hand-painted glass vases complement the stately metal stems to produce a real masterpiece. Traditional shisha pipes come with clay bowls pre-packed with flavoured shisha tobacco mixes. We stock many popular shisha tobacco brands including Al Fakher, Nakhla, Starbuzz, Tangiers, Argelini, Blue Moon and many more. Some shisha molasses flavours are available in zero nicotine (they are made using sugar cane instead of tobacco leafs). The natural coconut coal holds more heat than any other coal and is free of chemicals. This helps to guarantee a smooth, refined and enjoyable shisha experience for many.


Electronic shisha pipes: these are becoming increasingly popular with clients who are looking to embrace the changes seen by the twenty-first century and bewilder their guests by debunking their traditional stereotypes on shisha and cigarettes. Since the tobacco ban came into effect in the UK, it is illegal to smoke in public places. In England, it is legal to use an electronic shisha in enclosed premises that are otherwise restricted by the anti-smoking legislation. Furthermore, an electronic shisha does not require any burning of coals and does not utilise tobacco. This makes an electronic shisha pipe to be comparatively safer when it comes to the health and safety laws as well as health assessments. For those of you who are new to the vaping scene, an electronic shisha pipe operates using the same principle as an e-cigarette with the only exception that the vapour is carried throughout the shisha pipe and is filtered through water. We use a range of premium e-liquid flavours from the USA and UK with our electronic shisha hire packages. Our e-liquid comes in a variety of exciting flavours and varying nicotine and zero nicotine strengths.


Fruit shisha: is a good way to add an exotic element to your event and impress your guests. Fruit shisha pipes are made using a freshly carved fruit bowl filled with tobacco instead of a clay bowl. The juices from the carved fruit head soak the tobacco, which helps to produce very smooth and well-rounded flavour partially because the fruit head does not heat up as much as clay bowl. Fruit heads also produce more smoke because they can pack more tobacco and use more coals to power the shisha pipe. Our fruit shisha is guaranteed to be a real head turner and the centre of attention at your event.


Champagne Shisha: is perfect for anyone who is looking to take their shisha experience to the highest level. Many of us enjoy champagne. Now imagine combining your favourite drink with shisha. By adding champagne in the vase, the alcoholic fizzy aftertaste of champagne will combine with the shisha tobacco flavours to produce a very refined, rich and aromatic flavour.