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Welcome to our Shisha Delivery Central London service page. At Eastern Ray, we provide shisha hire and shisha home delivery in Central London. As part of your Shisha Delivery Central London package, we will provide you with all the equipment and components required to operate a shisha pipes including a shisha pipe with a metal stem, glass vase, hose, clay bowl, hygienic mouth tips, pre-mixed flavoured tobacco, coals and tongs. We operate our Shisha Delivery Central London Service 24/7. To make a booking simply contact us and place your order. We recommend that you contact us in advance since this will help us to ensure that we get your shisha pipe to you on time. Our drivers are extremely busy to providing an around the clock shisha delivery service in Central London and we would like to ask you to allow some time for the shisha delivery drivers to get to you. Our drivers will come to pick up the shisha pipe on the next day, so please ensure that somebody is at home.


Shisha Delivery Central London Menu


1. Traditional Shisha Pipe

2. Additional Tobacco Clay Bowls

3. Fruit Shisha with a freshly carved melon or pineapple tobacco bowl

4. Additional Fruit Head

5. Champagne infused shisha pipe 

6. Electronic Shisha Pipe with Premium E-Liquid

7. Extras: ice hose, fruit and alcohol mixes in the vase


*All Shisha Delivery Central London packages come with hygienic mouth tips and coal. Please ensure that you are familiar with using a shisha pipe.


We have a variety of exciting shisha tobacco flavours from leading shisha tobacco companies such as Al Fakher, Tangiers, Argelini and Starbuzz. Our popular tobacco mixes including grape, grape and mint, apple, apple and mint, candied strawberry, chocolate banana, cherry, orange, watermelon, melon, blue melon, blueberry, blue mist, blueberry muffin and many more. Please check the availability of flavours with us in advance. We also have herbal or nicotine free tobacco in many popular flavours such as grape, mint, strawberry, apple, lemon, orange, watermelon and many more. So if you are looking for a nicotine free alternative, this is a great option.


We are especially renowned for our luxurious shisha menu for our Shisha Delivery in Central London service. Here is a quick overview of the different types of shisha pipes that we currently offer as part of our shisha delivery service in London.


Traditional Shisha Pipes are great for those looking for an authentic Middle Eastern Experience. All of our traditional shisha pipes are made in the Middle East by skilled artisans with decades of experience in the shisha trade. The shisha pipes are made from different types of metal including steel, brass and copper. This helps to give our shisha pipes a shiny and attractive outer appearance. The shisha vases are made from glass and hand decorated with arabesque patterns. The shisha hose is made from the finest fabrics which helps to give it a soft feel. All of our traditional shisha pipes come with clay bowls pre-packed with flavoured shisha tobacco.


Fruit Shisha Pipes are very similar to traditional shisha pipes with the exception of the clay bowl. Instead of using a traditional tobacco clay bowl, our shisha mixologists will carve a tobacco bowl from real fruit such as a melon or a pineapple and fill it up with your favourite tobacco mixes. The natural fruit juices from the fruit bowl help to marinate the tobacco, which results in a juicier and more succulent flavour. Fruit shisha pipes have an especially exotic finish and are sure to impress your friends. Fruit Shisha bowls use more tobacco than traditional clay bowls so please bear in mind that it will cost you a bit more. We can also add some natural fruit juice to the vase for an even fruitier taste of your shisha.


Champagne Infused Shisha is a great option for those who want to experience shisha on a whole new and more sophisticated level. The champagne infusion inside the glass vase adds a fizzy and champagne flavoured taste to the shisha flavour, which makes for a very indulgent and enjoyable shisha experience. If you like champagne, you will love the champagne infused shisha. Alternatively, we can add an alcoholic mix or a cocktail of your choice inside the vase. The cocktails really help to bring out the shisha flavours and provide a greater and more refined taste.


Electronic Shisha Pipes are great for those who are looking to jump on the vaping revolution bandwagon. Electronic Shisha Pipes are very similar to the traditional shisha pipe in terms of the outer appearance. However, instead of using a traditional tobacco bowl, we use an electronic shisha bowl with premium e-liquid flavours. An electronic shisha pipe works in a similar manner as an electronic cigarette. The coils inside the cartridge are heated and the e-liquid soaked in cotton vapourises to produce flavoured vapour. We source all of our e-liquid from the leading vape shop in London specialising in gourmet and premium high-VG e-liquids. The VG or vegetable glycerine element is responsible for the vapour production and creates big clouds. Whilst the PG or propylene glycol is a flavour carrier that is also responsible for the throat hit. All of our e-liquid comes in varying nicotine strengths, ranging from 0mg, 3mg and 6mg.


Along with our Shisha Delivery in Central and West London packages, we have many extras that will help to enhance your shisha experience such as frozen ice hose. Ice hoses attach on the shisha hose and are great for cooling down the smoke. Just pop your ice hose into the freezer for 20 minutes and it is ready to go. We can also create exciting mixes in the vase instead of water such as red wine, fruit juices, fizzy drinks and milk. The mixes inside the vase help to add an additional layer to the shisha smoke and is a great way of unleashing and complementing shisha flavours.


We also provide shisha delivery in Central London for smaller events. For event enquiries, please ensure that you provide us with some advance notice to give us time to prepare the shisha pipes and organise shisha assistance. We regularly provide shisha pipe hire for birthday parties, house parties, Weddings and Corporate Events in Central and West London.