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Luxury Shisha Pipe Hire Packages


We have said the nice things about ourselves on our other pages. On this page, we will get practical. Roll up your sleeves and put your thinking cap on!


Since its inception in 2012, Eastern Ray has seen a tremendous growth and increased demand for its Luxury Shisha Hire Services across the entire of the UK including Kent, Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Manchester, and North London.  We remain very thankful to our clients who choose us and trust us with their events.


At Eastern Ray, we regularly provide luxury shisha hire packages and assistance service for Celebrity Parties, Corporate Events, Weddings and Birthday Parties in North London, West London and parts of the UK including Maidenhead, Ascot, Windsor, Sevenoaks, Surrey, Hampshire, Warwickshire, Hertfordshire, Cheshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, Oxfordshire, Kent, East Sussex, London, Cambridgeshire, Windsor, Teddington and other cool places.


Crash Course to Shisha Hire. What Shisha do you want?


In order to decide what shisha pipes to go for, please consult our menu to get an idea of the different types of shisha available.

We will give you a quick walk-through to help you decide. Egyptian water pipes are ideal for most types of events.


Traditional Shisha pipes help to emulate the traditional Moroccan / Arabic atmosphere and remain our clients' favourite choice. A traditional shisha pipe is powered by a clay bowl pre-packed with flavoured tobacco and wrapped in foil. Hot coconut coils are then put on the foil on the clay bowl to heat the tobacco. The smoke is then filtered through the water as it is enhaled by the user.


Our Alcohol infused shisha pipes work in the same way as a traditional shisha pipe. Instead of water in the vase, we add our bespoke alcohol infusions such as your favourite cocktail, Champagne, Wine, Vodka, Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey or whatever you most enjoy. To match your alcoholic infusion, ourmixologists prepare bespoke flavoured tobacco mixes. Alcohol adds an alcoholic layer to the flavoured smoke upon inhalation and significantly improves the shisha experience and provides a nice kick.


Our Fruit shisha pipes are more or less the same as traditional water pipes, but instead of the clay bowl, we carve a bowl out of a fruit such as a melon, pineapple, watermelon and other fruits and pre-pack them with your favourite tobacco mix. Decorated fruit shisha pipes add a real "wow" factor to your event and is a real headturner amongst the guests. From a more practical point of view, a fruit bowl is larger and moister, which means that we can pack more tobacco and use more coals for a more enhanced shisha experience. The moist fruit juices inside the clay bowl help to steep the flavoured tobacco to improve and smoothen the flavours.


With the increasing popularity of vaping, we have started offering electronic shisha pipe hire. Do not worry, these are not the small e-shisha sticks that everyone is trying to push as the real deal. Our electronic water pipes are actual Egyptian shisha pipes with an electronic e-shisha bowl. The electronic shisha head is filled with E-Liquid (vape juice) and operates using the same principle as vaping. The E-Liquid is heated by coils and suddenly turns into vapour. This process has been coined as vaping. Electronic Shisha pipe does not use any coals or tobacco and is therefore legal to vape (not smoke!) in public places. It is always advisable to check with the establishment in advance just to be on the safe side.


I have some idea about the shisha pipes I want, what else do I need to know?


Now that you have an idea of what shisha pipes you want to go for (remember you can mix and match different types), you should decide how long you would like to have the water pipes at your event since this will determine the cost of your  package. A water pipe can be smoked anywhere between 45 minutes and 1 hour depending on the smoking habits of your guests. Each tobacco or E-Liquid bowl will need to be replaced every hour for every shisha pipe.


So, we hear you mention health and safety. Well, you can rest assured. When putting your shisha package together, we will send you the relevant health and safety documentation for you to disseminate to your guests or for smaller events, you can simply brief them.  We will also conduct an initial risk assessment to mitigate the health and safety risks and ensure that your event is safe and enjoyable. All our shisha assistants are experienced and well versed with potential issues that may arise and take steps to preempt them through careful and prudent shisha pipe management. All our water pipes are disinfected, washed and polished after every single event to gurantee the highesst levels of cleanliness and health and safety for your guests.


As a general rule, we do not carry public liability insurance because there is none available for our service exclusively, but is rather available to shisha cafes and lounges that serve their guests on physical premises. We can, however, obtain one off public liability insurance exclusively for your event for a fee.


We will not ramble on. This should have hopefully provided you with a crash course in shisha hire.

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