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E-Luxe Classic Range: Premium UK E-Liquid for Vaping

E-Luxe Premium UK E-Liquid for Vaping


E-Luxe Classic Premium UK E-Liquid for Vaping comes in many popular and delicious flavours including American Retro Cola, Anise Star, Apple & Strawberry Salad, Blueberry Ice, Cherry Ice, English Mint, Honey Peach & Scream, Luscious Lychee, Orange Popsicle, Peanut Butter and Strawberry, Rocket Fuel Energiser, Strawberry Vanilla Custard, Tangy Apple and Lime, Virginia Tobacco Blend, Tropical Mango and Pineapple and Tobacco Caramel Blend. E-Luxe Classic E-Liquid range comes in 50VG to 50PG ratio, which makes it perfect for use with most types of vape hardware including e-cigarette starter kits, box mods, drippers and other vaping devices. E-Luxe Premium UK E-Liquid for Vaping is especially renowned for its complex and sophisticated flavours, which are achieved by a technique called layering which involves the process of steeping each flavour separately for different periods of time before all flavours are combined together. This enables each layer of flavour to maintain its character and taste.


Quality and Affordale UK E-Liquid


E-Luxe e-liquid is manufactured in the UK at an ISO Class 7 accredited cleanroom facility that has some of the most advanced vape machinery on the market. All E-Luxe UK e-liquid is fully compliant with the TPD laws and comes with child and tamper proof black bottle tops. Each bottle of E-Luxe e-liquid is made using UK and USA sourced base ingredients as well as pharma-grade nicotine. To guarantee the highest levels of quality and a flawless vape, E-Luxe operates a strict quality management system based around the manufacturing processes in order to ensure that every bottle of E-Luxe e-liquid is enjoyed to the max.


E-Luxe Premium UK E-Liquid: Perfect for All Types of Vapers


E-Luxe UK e-liquid is perfect for smokers looking to quit smoking and connoiseur vapers alike. E-Luxe e-liquid range contains some popular tobacco flavours which are perfect for ex-smokers as well as truly refreshing and innovative flavours such as Orange Popsicle. E-Luxe e-liquid has featured in many vape exhibitions around the world, vape magazines and blogs as well as vape reviews. Multiple vape reviewers have commended E-Luxe UK e-liquid for its sophisticated flavour profiles and extremely smooth and sweet clouds. Recently, the E-Luxe brand has featured in a famous music video and is fast becoming popular with celebrities and savvy vapers.


Some Interesting Facts About E-Luxe Premium UK E-Liquid


Every month, E-Luxe sells about 1 million e-liquid bottles globally. E-Luxe premium e-liquid comes at a very cheap price that E-Luxe is able to pass on to the end consumer through economies of scale. E-Luxe labels showcase famous paintings by a renowned artist.