Eastern Ray Shisha Hire London

Traditional Shisha Hire London Packages for Birthdays, Weddings, Corporate Events & House Parties

Our traditional Egyptian shisha pipes are extremely popular across the entire range of clients ranging from corporate clients to university balls, weddings and birthday parties. Our traditional shisha pipes are skilfully hand-made from copper, brass and steel and come in a range of unique designs which will present your guests with an authentic Middle Eastern experience. All water pipes come with a clay bowl filled with popular flavoured tobacco mixes such as grape and mint, apple and mint, peach and many more and produce thick and flavoursome smoke clouds. We only use natural coconut and lemon tree coals for the best shisha experience. We provide highly experienced and professional shisha assistants to prepare and supervise the shisha pipes and help to enforce health and safety standards throughout the event. As part of our luxury shisha hire London Event Packages, we use authentic Khalil Mammon shisha pipes, which are durable, handmade from quality selection of different metals and look visually appealing. If you are not sure what shisha pipes to go for, you will not go wrong with our traditional Egyptian shisha pipes. These shisha pipes are great for almost any time of event and are especially popular for Moroccan and Egyptian themed nights as they help to give an event an authentic Middle Eastern look.


How to Select the number of Shisha Pipes for your Shisha Hire London Package


Selecting the number of shisha pipes for your event can indeed be difficult. As a general rule of thumb, one shisha pipe can be used by up to five people at a time. Of course, more people can used one shisha pipe at once, but in order to avoid overcrowding and health and safety risks, we suggest that you have one shisha pipe per five guests. A good way of calculating the number of shisha pipes that you will require for your event is to take the total number of guests you are expecting, take away the number of non-smoking guests and divide it by five. You should not require more than 15 shisha pipes at any time because it is important to note that not all guests will be smoking shisha pipes concurrently. It is important to remember that your guests will move around and therefore having roughly 5-10 shisha pipes should be enough.


How to arrange shisha pipes at your event


This tends to be a very hot topic with most of our clients. There is no definitive answer to this, but we recommend that you create some space around each shisha pipe to take account of the guests who are going to be huddling together in front each shisha pipe. Make sure to allow plenty of space between each shisha pipe to avoid overcrowding and people knocking the shisha pipes down. We strongly recommend that you keep the shisha pipes on the floor and not on a high-rise surface such as a table because shisha pipes on an elevated surface have a tendency to fall or be knocked down, which can in turn pose a health and safety threat.


Choosing your Shisha Tobacco Flavours


We have over 100 different shisha tobacco flavours and understandably, choosing your flavours can be a difficult task, especially in the light of the fact that flavour is inherently subjective. We strongly advise that you leave the flavour selection process to us. Our experience shisha assistants and mixologists will use their discretion to select a balance of traditional, popular and funky flavours to appeal to a diverse taste palette of your guests. All of our shisha flavours are made on the day of the event and are 100% fresh. For each event, we use a handful of different shisha tobacco brands to bring you an exciting mix of flavours and a truly diverse shisha experience to your guests. You also have the option of choosing between nicotine and nicotine free shisha flavours. Nicotine free flavours are made using sugar cane instead of the tobacco leaf and still produce the same shisha experience less the nicotine kick.


The role of our shisha assistants


Each of our shisha hire London packages is accompanied by an experienced shisha assistant who will liaise with you to set up the shisha pipes in a way that is safe and convenient to the guests. During the event, our shisha assistant will maintain the shisha pipes by replacing the tobacco, coals and ensuring that each shisha pipe is working properly. Moreover, our shisha assistants will add value to your event by acting as a first point of contact for your guests. If your guests are new to shisha or have any shisha-related questions, our shisha assistant will be glad to assist to deliver an excellent shisha experience for each one of your guests. After the event, our shisha assistant will clear up the shisha pipes and have a quick catch up with you to reflect on the shisha service provided at your event.